Christmas Dachshund Dog Baseball Pet Shirt

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- Stretchable cotton fabric with quarter sleeves

- Adorable Christmas wiener dog (aka dachshund) on sled design

- Can be used by any breed 

- Perfect for every day/night wear

- Simple and lightweight

- Limited stocks

Model's Breed: Mix breed Shih Tzu x Dachschund

Model's Size: 4-5


Size 3XL can fit aspins, beagles, schnauzer, frenchies, corgis etc.


Size 2 to 5 - for Small Breed 

Size 3XL to 4XL - for Medium Breed


Measurement of 3XL & 4XL:


Neck up to 18 inches

Chest up to 23 inches

Length 17 inches



Neck up to 20 inches

Chest up to 25 inches

Length up to 19 inches