Pet Body Support Harness

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Purpose: to help dogs/cats recover from surgery or brain/bone/hip/disk problems who needs therapy.

*Please consult your veterinarian first if your pets will be needing this


We dedicate this to Mozart who bravely fought for his life :)

Our  9 year old Pug had vestibular + disk disease last 2014 therefore we used blankets to help him walk. Unfortunately, he passed away due to a brain problem with seizures before we even got him to try this therapy harness. As pet lovers, we don't want other people to experience the agony and hardships when they see their pets in pain. So we imported this simple yet innovative equipment to help your beloved pets to get through their tough times :) 

Don't forget, Emotional support is also very important to them! <3


Size Small - Toy to small breed dogs or cats

Size Medium - Small to Medium Breed dogs

Size Large - Medium to Large Breed dogs