My Hero Academia Anime Cotton Shirt

My Hero Academia Anime Cotton Shirt

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  • Cotton sando
  • Very breathable and lightweight
  • Can be worn everyday/night even on warm days
  • Heat pressed print (wont peel off easily)
  • Print dimension differs (size 2-5 medium print/ size 3XL-5XL large print)
  • Size 6 and 3XL are the same


Model is wearing a size 5

Model's Breed - Shihtzu x Dachshund mix


Size 2 to 6 - Suitable for small breeds

(Chihuahuas, yorkies, cats, mini pin, maltese, shihtzu, toy poodle, frenchie, pug, dachshund, corgi etc.)


Size 3XL to 5XL - Suitable for medium breed dogs (beagle, chowchow, aspins, cocker spaniel, english bulldog, pitbull, golden retriever puppy etc.)


Measurements of 3XL to 5XL:

6 or 3XL

Neck up to 18 inches

Chest up to 23 inches

Length 17 inches



Neck up to 20 inches

Chest up to 25 inches

Length up to 19 inches



Neck up to 22 inches

Chest  up to 27 inches

Length up to 21 inches